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    Why Call Us?

    More than 1,000 doctors’ offices have trusted their patients to us, and many have done so each and every month for many years. If you’re a family doctor and would like to “throw away that Rolodex,” call us. We’ll connect your patient to any specialist located anywhere in Western Washington, will help facilitate record-sharing for each patient, and will follow up with all patients for you.

    Our doctors are on most insurance plans, and many file on auto insurance and take patients injured while on the job. Some also take third party auto insurance claims and/or accept letters of protection. 

    We aren’t in the business of “stealing” patients from other doctors. If you have a service that needs performed for your patient, we’ll follow your instructions and remind the patient to follow up with you.

    How We Work

    Most offices keep our cards handy with:

    1) Referral staff. Call us for a referral or ask the patient to call and we’ll connect them with a specialist, usually within 15 mintues.

    2) Front desk. If you don’t file on auto insurance or workers comp, we have doctors who do. When someone calls who’s been involved in this type of accident, simply give them our telephone number and we’ll offer immediate assistance. Four of us answer the phone and we’re careful to take our time with each patient, understanding their needs and directing them to the appropriate doctor in their area of the city.

    3) Nurses and Doctors. If you’re referral person is busy or out of the office, we’ll answer your call promptly and assist you in helping your patient.

    If you have questions please contact us.

    Call 206.402.7106  425.457.3195  360.688.3315